Quickly usable water sheet, LARA

To start the water balance you can use the values ​​presented in the reference table of the LARA of the main soils of the Cauca river valley.

The soil can be considered as a water reservoir, but not all the water resource is available to the plant but only that which is retained by the soil in the range between field capacity (CC) and permanent wilting point (PMP). CC and PMP are considered as soil moisture constants whose value can be determined by field and laboratory methods. The values ​​of these constants vary for different types of soils and on each soil for different horizons of the profile.

If possible the LARA must be determined in the field using the methodology recommended by Cenicaña.

Reference chart of the rapidly usable water sheet (LARA) of 179 representative soils of the Cauca River Valley (213,675 ha). September 2013.


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