Physiology laboratory

The physiology area has equipment designed to characterize the availability of resources and quantify their absorption by different varieties of sugarcane and germplasm bank materials.

Within the physical infrastructure it has a physiology laboratory located in the experimental station and lots of field research both inside Cenicaña and in association with the mills.

At the equipment level it presents infrared gas analyzers (CIRAS 3 and LICOR 6400 XTE) for measurement of leaf level photosynthesis and an Eddy Covariance tower to measure gas exchange at the full crop level. Similarly, there is a LAI 2200 leaf area index meter for field leaf area index measurements, a LI 3100 planimeter for laboratory leaf quantification, agro meteorological stations and sensors to measure photosynthetically active radiation .

The main equipment that the laboratory has are:

NIR spectrometer

Near-infrared spectroscopy studies the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter. The near infrared includes the light segment of wavelengths between 800 and 2600 nm of the electromagnetic spectrum and analyzes the absorption of energy in this region by the functional groups of the sample molecules. This technique is used as a secondary method for the determination of organic matter and polysaccharides.