Wit: Brand New Ceniprof Version

Cenicaña professionals designed a program that simulates the operations of factories in the sector to improve their performance.

Cenicaña officially delivered to the mills the new version of the Ceniprof program, a simulation tool to predict operational performance in factories for the production of sugar and cogeneration of electrical energy.

Ceniprof 2.0 allows to make a symbolic representation of the plant with the purpose of measuring and comparing different indicators, identifying opportunities for improvement, and making the unit operations of steam and electricity generation, preparation and milling and sugar processing more efficient. For example, from real data supplied by the mill, the behavior of energy consumption during the grinding operation can be analyzed and go further, by simulating different conditions to achieve a reduction in this variable. In addition, the program performs automatic calculations (sucrose, energy, solids and condensate balances) with which you can determine how much sugar was obtained from the sucrose that entered the factory as cane or the amount of pounds of steam consumed per ton cane, among other performance indicators.

Unlike the previous version that worked in an Excel sheet and required the configuration of each of the teams linked to the operations, in the new Ceniprof each element is configured to do the respective calculations; which means that the user only has to enter the data and it is not necessary to include the formulas that support the analyzes.


Ceniprof version 2.0 arose from the need to improve the first application in Excel that was designed to offer mills an alternative analysis of the variables involved in each of the factory operations.

The initially designed application, despite its usefulness, was not practical for factory personnel due to its complexity. In this situation, a team of Cenicaña mechanical, chemical, electronic and systems engineers worked on a friendlier tool.

In this process, a validation was carried out at the La Cabaña and Pichichí mills. More recently, personnel from all mills were trained. The official launch of the product took place on May 21 and it is already being implemented in a large part of the factories in the sector.

“It is a very versatile and friendly tool, since from the first application all operations can be carried out in the factory; and it is extremely useful because you can interact with the variables in each of the processes. In addition, being able to see the results saves on testing time in the factory and even money to make possible investments ”.

Hardany Castro Valencia
Factory Superintendent at Ingenio Pichichí.




“I am amazed at the power of this tool. I see more easily the application that we will have in all areas of the factory, whether in boilers, mills, processing and the entire factory balance. We are ready to use Ceniprof, the idea is that we begin to form groups to train staff in its use and put it into practice ”.  

Efren Corrales
Production manager of Riopaila Castilla, Riopaila plant.




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Year 2 / Number 1 / July 2014

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