2017 annual report

Message from the President of the Board of Directors 2017-2018, César Augusto Arango Isaza

Report of the CEO of Cenicaña, Álvaro Amaya Estévez

The weather in the Cauca river valley 2017

Production and productivity of agribusiness

Field Observations

Factory Observations

Productivity projection 2018

Observations on the accumulation of sucrose in the cane

Variety program

Promote the adoption of Cenicaña Colombia varieties 

Develop new varieties

Improve the development of varieties with biotechnology

Increase productivity with healthy crops

Plant health services

Agronomy Program

Improve the efficiency in the use of water for irrigation

Preserve natural resources

Improve production with more precise work

CATE: Cut cane, moose, transport and factory delivery

Improve efficiency in harvesting and transporting cane

Innovate with technologies with lower environmental impact

Factory Process Program

Improve efficiency in sugar production 

Improve efficiency in energy cogeneration 

Improve efficiency in ethanol production 

Innovate for diversification

Implement actions that contribute to sustainability 

Laboratory services

Economic and Statistical Analysis Service

Find alternatives for a more competitive agribusiness

Analyze conditions to improve productivity and profitability

Support with information the decisions of agribusiness and scientific research

Technical Cooperation and Technology Transfer Service

Know the market to promote technological innovation

Promote the adoption of sustainable practices

Validate the advantages of the AEPS approach with growers and mills

Disseminate to promote innovation

Computer Technology Service

Guarantee the data quality of agribusiness networks

Develop new tools to be more sustainable and efficient

Information and Documentation Service of the Sugar Cane

Offer updated information to the agribusiness

Protect the intellectual production of agribusiness




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