InCane: Bulletin No.7


Changing fertilizer management practices in sugarcane production: Cane grower survey insights

Hassan, S., Smart, JCR, Hay, R. & Rundle-Thiele, S.

Country | March 2021

Design and Evaluation of Drip Irrigation System for Sugarcane in India

Ravikumar, V., Angaleeswari, M. & Vallalkannan, S.

Sugar-tech | May 2021

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Biofuel production from sugarcane molasses in thermophilic anaerobic structured-bed reactors

Vilela, RS, et al

Renewable and sustainable energy reviews | 144 | July 2021

Enhanced Tolerance of Spathaspora passalidarum to Sugarcane Bagasse Hydrolyzate for Ethanol Production from Xylose

Pacheco, TF, et al.

Applied biochemistry and biotechnology | March 2021

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A review about pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass in anaerobic digestion: Achievement and challenge in Germany and China

Cai, Y., et al.

Journal of cleaner production | 299 | May 2021

Life cycle assessment of sugar and electricity production under different sugarcane cultivation and cogeneration scenarios in India

Hiloidhari, M., Banerjee, R. & Rao, AB

Journal of cleaner production | 290 | March 2021

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Analysis and Design of Distribution Systems Information Flow in the Sugar Supply Chain in Indonesia

Ekawati, R., Arkeman, Y., Suprihatin, S. & Sunarti, TC

International journal of mechanical engineering technologies and application | 2 (1) | 2021

Chapter 5 - Sugarcane-based ethanol biorefineries with bioenergy production from bagasse: thermodynamic, economic, and emissions assessments

De Freitas Dias Milao, R., de Queiroz Fernandes Araujo, O. & de Medeiros, JL

Waste biorefinery | 2021

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Abundance of Soil Insect Pests in Florida Sugarcane

Cherry, R., McCray, M., Sandhu, H. & Karounos, M.

University of Florida

Biological and morphological aspects of Plectris aliena (Coleoptera: Melolonthidae) in sugarcane in Brazil

Soares Gomes, E., Avila, CJ & Cherman, MA

Papeis avulsos de zoologia | 2021

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Capter: Environmental Impacts of Ethanol Production System

Sharif, N., Munir, N., Hasnain, M, Naz, S. & Arshad, M

In: Sustainable Ethanol and Climate Change

Chemical treatment options of wastewater from sugarcane industry and its priority parameters comparison as per smart rules of SINDH environmental protection agency

Panhwar, A., et al.

Pakistan Journal of Science | 73 (1) | 2021

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Applying Molecular Phenotyping Tools to Explore Sugarcane Carbon Potential

Calderan-Rodrigues, MJ, de Barros Dantas, LL, Cheavegatti Gianotto, A. & Caldana, C.

Frontiers in plant science | January 2021

A call for research: A resource of core microbial symbionts of the Arabidopsis thaliana microbiome ready and awaiting experimental exploration

Dumack, K., et al.

Phytobiomes journal | May 2021

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Agricultural waste of sugarcane bagasse as efficient adsorbent for lead and nickel removal from untreated wastewater: Biosorption, equilibrium isotherms, kinetics and desorption studies

Amaka Ezeonuegbu, B., et al.

Biotechnology reports | 30 | June 2021

A spatially explicit assessment of sugarcane vinasse as a sustainable by-product

Buller, LS, et al

Science of the total environment | 765 | April 2021

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