InCane: Bulletin No.4


An improved workflow for calibration and downscaling of GCM climate forecasts for agricultural applications - A case study on prediction of sugarcane yield in Australia

Schepen, A .; Everinghan, Y. & Wang, Q.

Agricultural and forest meteorology | 291 | September 2020

Prediction of topsoil properties at field-scale by using C-band SAR data

Domenech, MB, Amiotti, NM, Costa, JL & Castro Franco, M.

International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation | 93 | December 2020

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Alternative technology for intensification of fermentable sugars released from enzymatic hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse

de Carvalho Silvello, MA, Martínez, J. & Goldbeck, R.

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery | May. | 2020

Unraveling Brazilian bioethanol yeasts as novel starters for high-gravity brewing

Christofoleti-Furlan, RM, et al.

Food research international | 135 | September 2020

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Assessment of agro-industrial residues for bioenergy potential by investigating thermo-kinetic behavior in a slow pyrolysis process

Naqvi, SR et al.

Fuel | 278 | October 2020

Techno-economic assessment of bioenergy and biofuel production in integrated sugarcane biorefinery: Identification of technological bottlenecks and economic feasibility of dilute acid pretreatment

Vasconcelos, MH et al

Energy | 199 | May 2020

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Alkali-peroxide treatment of sugar cane bagasse. Effect of chemical charges on the efficiency of xylan isolation and susceptibility of bagasse to saccharification

Solier, YN, Mocchiutti, P., Cabrera, MN et al.

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery | June 2020

Vinasse treatment using hybrid tannin-based Coagulation-Microfiltration-Nanofiltration processes: Potential energy recovery, technical and economic feasibility assessment

Lebron, YAR, et al.

Separation and purification technology | 248 | October 2020

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A Decision Support System for Determining Sugarcane Pest Reservoir

Martin, P., Silvie, P., Marnotte, P. et al.

Sugar Tech | 22 | Aug. 2020: 655-661

Potential prophylactic role of silicone against brown rust (Puccinia melanocephala) in sugarcane

Camargo, MS, et al.

European journal of plant pathology | 157 (1) | May 2020, pp 77-88

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Assessing the emissions of CO, SO2, and NOX and predicting potential zones of CO concentration from sugarcane factories in Egypt

Abdelkareem, M .; Tan, Y .; El Attar, RM & Hassan, A.

Journal of earth system science | 129 (1) | December 2020

Southern Mato Grosso state (Brazil) productive system and its impact on emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2)

Castelão, RA, de Souza, CC & Frainer, DM

Environment, Development and Sustainability | May. | 2020

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Assessing genetic diversity and population structure of sugarcane cultivars, parent species and genera using microsatellite (SSR) markers

Singh, RB; Mahenderakar, MD; Jugran, AK; Singh, RK & Srivastava, R.

Gene | 753 | August 2020

Production and foliar area of ​​four varieties of sugar cane in the foothills of the plains

Rincón Castillo, A. & Becerra Campiño, J.

Agronomic Act | 69 (2) | 2020

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Method for processing raw sugarcane maximizing the preservation of policosanols during production of a natural sugarcane juice-based product.

González Ulloa, JE

US Patent | US 10,493, 121 B2 | Dec 2019

Chapter 12: Biopolymers of sugarcane

Mendoca de Resende, T. & Moreira da Costa, M.

Sugarcane Biorefinery, Technology and Perspectives | 2020. pp 229-254

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