InCane: Bulletin No.3


Nitrogen Utilization in Plants I Biological and Agronomic Importance

Hirel, B. & Krapp, A.

In: Collection Reference module in life science | 2020 |

Assessing the fidelity of Landsat-based fAPAR models in two diverse sugarcane growing regions

Muller, SJ, Sithole, P., Silgels, A. & Van Niekerk, A.

Computers and electronics in agriculture | 170 | March. 2020

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A stepwise pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse by alkaline and hydroxymethyl reagent for bioethanol production

Jin, Y., Shi, Z., Xu, G., Yang, H. & Yang, J.

Industrial crops and products | 145 | March 2020

An overview on bioethanol production from lignocellulosic feedstocks

Toor, M., et al.

Chemosphere | 242 | March 2020

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Risk-conscious optimization model to support bioenergy investments in the Brazilian sugarcane industry

Mutran, VM, Ribeiro, CO, Nascimento, CAO & Chachuat, B.

Applied Energy | 258 | 2020

Assessing the energy dynamics of Pakistan: Prospects of biomass energy

Irfan, M., et al.

Energy reports | 6 | November 2020

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Economic viability and environmental impact investigation for the biofuel supply chain using co-fermentation technology

Li, Y., Kesharwani, R., Sun, Z., Qin, R., Dagli, C., Zhang, M. & Wang, Donghai

Applied energy | 259 | March 2020

Biorefineries productive alternatives optimization in the Brazilian sugar and alcohol industry

Juarez Corrêa Furtado Júnior, et al.

Applied energy | 259 | March 2020

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Efficiency of Bacillus subtilis for root-knot and lesion nematodes management in sugarcane

Lima Mazzuchelli, R. de C., Lima Mazzuchelli, EH & de Araujo, FF

biological control | 143 | April. 2020

Screening for novel biocontrol agents applicable in plant disease management - A reviews

Raimaekers, K., et al.

biological control | in press | March. 2020

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Sugarcane / soybean intercropping with reduced nitrogen input improves crop productivity and reduces carbon footprint in China

Wang, Xiaolong; Yuanjiao, Feng; Lingling, Yu; Shu, Yinghu; Tan, Fengxiao; Gou, Yonggang; Luo, Shasha; Yang, Wenting; Li, Zhixian & Wang, Jianwu

Science of the total environment | 719 | June 2020

Incorporating water loss from water storage and conveyance into blue water footprint of irrigated sugar cane: A case study of Savannah Sugar Irrigation District, Nigeria

Kenneth Yugufs, T, Li, Yi, Zhang, Wenlong & Ye, Quanliang

Science of the Total Environment | 715 | May. 2020

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Morphological assessment of water stressed sugarcane: A comparison of waterlogged and drought affected crop

Misra, V., Salomon, S., Mall, AK, et al.

Saudi Journal of Biological Science | February 2020

Using a combined neural network ─ genetic algorithm approach for predicting the complex rheological characteristics of microfluidized sugarcane juice

Aslam, MM & Karanja JK

Physiological and molecular plant pathology | 109 | January 2020

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ABA Triblock Copolyesters Composed of Poly (L-lactide) A Hard Blocks: Long Chain Aliphatic Polyesters as B Soft Midblocks.

Leng X, Jin C, Zhou C et al.

Journal of Polymers and the Environment | 28 (3) | Mar 2020

Agricultural waste: Review of the evolution, approaches and perspectives on alternative uses

Duque Acevedo, M., Belmonte Ureña, LJ, Cortes García, FJ & Camacho Ferre, F.

Global ecology and conservation | 22 | June 2020

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