Farms fund: united by the sustainable development of agribusiness

The Cultiva Fund proposal invites us to reflect on the importance of collective initiatives.

Colombia today faces a determining situation, in the middle of a globalized and competitive scenario, where we are witnesses and protagonists of great and accelerated changes; a moment in the history of the country, when we must all take responsibility to act, transform our environment and practice our vision of sustainability.

The productive sector is a main protagonist of the great changes when it undertakes the path of well-being to, hand in hand with the State entities and the representatives of different organizations, facilitate economic, environmental and social progress to its different interest groups. These solidarity actions go beyond compliance with legal obligations and can be supported by the profitability generated by innovative entrepreneurs.

It is to build solutions for sustainable development and collective prosperity that we have created the Cultiva Fund, which seeks the union of the producers of the sugarcane agribusiness to achieve collective impact. A fund open to capital and human talent, which has the vision of being the integrating force that enhances the capacities of all the actors committed to their reality and their environment, to be the champion of an educated, healthy and egalitarian community that is in constant economic growth. Well, through their collective effort and guided under the premises of creating social, environmental and economic value, they hope that the population marginalized from opportunities in their areas of influence will get ahead in a sustainable way. This transformative investment guarantees a better future for your business and your environment. A seed with hope for progress.

The way is long. Therefore, I invite you to be an agent of change and join the Cultiva Fund. With the union and the contribution of all we will be decisive actors in the sustainability of the sector and development of the region.

* Executive Director of Fondo Cultiva, email: