Corinto weather station, out of order

Cenicaña reports that since last Saturday, December 3, 2016, the meteorological station Maroon It is out of service due to damage to the equipment that makes up the station. 

Maroon It is one of the 34 stations that make up the Automated Meteorological Network (RMA) of the Colombian sugar sector. This network has been operating since 1993, managed by Cenicaña and has records of the main atmospheric variables such as temperature, temperature fluctuation, relative humidity, solar radiation, precipitation, evaporation and wind in the Cauca river valley. 

Cenicaña, through the daily weather bulletin, provides the community in general with the data recorded by Corinto and by the other stations that make up the RMA.

So far there is no precise date for the restoration of information services at Corinto station.