Measuring equipment in factory processes

List of the main measurement equipment that the factory process program has for the development of its investigations.

thermal imaging camera

Instrument for measuring surface temperatures indirectly measured by radiation. It is used to quantify radiation losses and lack of insulation.

Infrared thermometer

Spot temperature measurement instrument.


Non-invasive equipment used in the determination of clean flows in pipes.

Gas analyzer

Equipment used for the determination of the components of combustion gases in boilers.

Network Analyzer

Equipment used to characterize electrical consumption of different consumers, in terms of current, voltage, frequency, etc.

torque wrench

Telemetric measuring equipment for determining torque on shafts through strain gauges.


Equipment used to measure air velocity in ducts or fan suction to determine the circulating volumetric flow.


Equipment used in determining the rotation speed of motors, turbines, mills, etc.

Calorimetric pump

Equipment used to determine the higher calorific value of fuel samples used in the sector's boilers.