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Nitrous oxide (N2O) emission in sugarcane cultivation

The variety cultivated is key to reducing the N2O footprint.

The effect of the cultivated variety on N2O emission and sugarcane crop yield was evaluated under a dose of 184 kg N ha-1. The above allowed us to estimate the N2O footprint for each variety and contrasting agroecological zone. In general, a relationship between sugarcane variety and cumulative soil N2O emission was not identified due to multiple factors influencing plant N assimilation dynamics.

Project 7 of the Omics Program: Productive Sustainability

research breakthrough

Writers: Manuel C. Valencia-Molina1,2; Luis Fernando Chavez3; Alejandra Correa3; David Palacios3; Sandra Loaiza2; Catalina Trujillo2 and Johana Murcia-Garavito4


1 Llanos University
2 Bioversity & CIAT Alliance
3 Colombian Sugar Cane Research Center, Cenicaña
4 Pontifical Javeriana University, Cali


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