DataCane, the new indicator monitoring system in factories

Cenicaña puts DataCane at the service of sugar mills, a new solution that allows the analysis and visualization of key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to sugarcane agroindustry factories.

The system allows the acquisition of data from multiple sources using different industrial communication protocols such as: OPC DA/UA, Modbus, MQTT, LoRaWAN or even connection with relational databases. Thus achieving the processing and analysis of data from the factory, laboratory and isolated points of the network.

A time series database is also used to store the information and ensure its backup. This database facilitates the management of large volumes of data and optimizes queries and information searches.

DataCane has a local web service that allows you to view and monitor information in real time. This service makes it easy to represent data graphically, perform statistical calculations and formulate indicators or other models of interest.

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Dashboard for data visualization

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