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Concaña Connect 2024

A space to be closer

April 11, 16, 17 and 25, 2024 | 7:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


During the Concaña Conecta 2024 events, the research advances by program and annual report, the new corporate image of Cenicaña were presented to growers, mills and technical assistants, and the event closed with the launch of Gotas, the new network of automated rain gauges of the sugar cane agroindustry.

Socialization of the new image of Cenicaña and presentation of the 2023 annual report
PDF - Video
Freddy Garcés Obando,
Managing Director.
Sugars, biomass and energy.
Research Advances – Variety Program
PDF - Video
John Jaime Riascos,
Variety Program Director.
Research Advances – Factory Processes Program.
PDF - Video
Nicholas Gil,
Director of Factory Processes Program.
Integra program
A sector initiative led by Cenicaña that accompanies sugar cane growers in the process of adopting more sustainable practices and technologies.
PDF - Video
Sandra Lorraine Alarcon.
Integra Program Coordinator
Operating efficiency.
Research advances – Agronomy Program.
PDF - Video
Julián Mateus.
Agronomy Program Director.
Drop Launch.
The network of automated rain gauges of the sugar cane agroindustry.
PDF - Video
Nathalia González López, Jaime Caicedo.


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