Climatic projection for the Cauca river valley, jul.2016

Second half of 2016

Second dry season (low rains) - June 16 to August 15: Normal or higher than usual temperatures (0.5-1.0 ° C) and an average precipitation for the Cauca river valley are expected, close to the normal values ​​of the time (80-120% of the climatological mean).

Second rainy season (heavy rains) - October 6 to December 5: Temperatures close to normal or slightly lower (0.5-1.0 ° C) and rainfall in the traditional quantities for the season (80-120% of the climatological average) or abundant that exceed this average between 20% and 50% are expected. .


ENRIQUE CORTÉS. Cenicaña Meteorologist • Date of elaboration: 19/07/2016

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4 Year / 2 Number / July of 2016

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