Climatic projection for the Cauca river valley, ago.2017

2017rd quarter of XNUMX

Under warm conditions in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, in the second season of low rains of the year (16 June - 15 Aug.) Rains are expected between 20% and 50% below those used for the time, or, failing that , even more deficient rains, which only reach between 25% and 50% of the climatological values.

Under these conditions, the air temperature, temperature oscillation, solar radiation and evaporation will have values ​​between high and very high with respect to the corresponding climatic averages. Air humidity is expected to show values ​​between low and very low in this period.

2017th quarter of XNUMX

In the second high rainy season of the year (Oct. 6-Dec 5), under normal or cooling conditions in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, near-normal rains (between 80% and 120%) or low (from 50% to 80%) regarding the weather averages of the time.

The air temperature, the temperature oscillation, the solar radiation and the evaporation will show values ​​close to those used for the time or somewhat below them. Values ​​between normal and high are expected for air humidity.


ENRIQUE CORTÉS. Cenicaña Meteorologist • Date of elaboration: 10/08/2017

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