Bioenergy Clean energy that moves the country

Look at a production chain that has been called to promote the development of the region.

The Cali Chamber of Commerce develops a strategy to strengthen five clusters identified in the Cauca River Valley: Bioenergy, Macrosnacks, White Protein, Wellness and Personal Care, and Clinical Excellence.

During Expogestión Pacífico, an event that was recently held in Cali and was attended by the competitiveness expert, Michael Porter, said strategy was presented and it became clear why Bioenergy is a bet that will mark the prosperity of the region. But, how aware are we of this and what role do the different links in this production chain play? Data and reflections on a cluster that compromises the Colombian sugar sector.

Valle del Cauca is by far the largest generator of electrical energy from biomass and biofuels in Colombia, so the actors involved should not think that they are producing cane for sugar, but rather for an energy market, sophisticated, interesting , which surely requires a different approach, an innovation in its products ”.

Esteban Piedrahita
President of the Chamber of Commerce of Cali.




“The private sector must have a role in the consolidation of a cluster and must go beyond waiting for the support of the government to formulate a regional strategy. Now the concept of shared value is emerging that consists of business practices that increase the competitiveness of the business while improving the social, environmental and economic conditions of the communities ”.

Michael Porter
Expert in competitiveness.




Information letter 
Year 2 / Number 1 / July 2014

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