Ceniprof 3.0: simulate your processes and stimulate change

Being faster, simpler and more functional is a permanent need in sugar factories and distilleries of the sugarcane agribusiness. To respond to this need, Cenicaña developed the third version of Ceniprof.

Ceniprof is a simulation tool to predict the operational performance of manufacturing processes and that, since 2005, has supported mill professionals in their analysis of the variables involved in each of the mill operations.

The first version of this program has been evolving to facilitate its use and expand its scope. The most recent version of Ceniprof includes the analysis of the refined sugar and ethanol production processes.

In this sense, Juan Gabriel Rodríguez, Cenicaña chemical engineer, explains that “the version of Ceniprof 3.0 offers novelties with which it is possible to carry out analyzes in less time, take a look at all the production units of the factories and access in a simple and easy, through the cloud ”.

Ceniprof 3.0 includes symbolic representations of the areas of preparation and extraction, sugar processing, refinery, distillery, boilers and cogeneration (phase 1 already available). It also contemplates for a phase 2 models of the clarification and filtration, heating, evaporation, crystallization and fermentation stations; and detailed models of the exchanger, evaporator, pan, fermenter and acidulator.

With all the components that are part of this version, the mills can carry out simulations by areas, carry out technical-economic analyzes and integrate the models of the areas, connect the areas with each other to have a general panorama of the factory, estimate the capacity and evaluate different scenarios of the stations and perform analysis by type of equipment.

Compared to previous versions, Ceniprof 3.0 does not require prior installation since this version is an application that can be accessed through a compatible browser and from any device with an internet connection.

Ceniprof 3.0 is developed in Python language, which makes it more functional compared to previous versions. The application developed in 2005 was an Excel sheet that required the configuration of each of the teams linked to operations; later, version 2.0 was developed on a graphical interface supported in the Visual Basic programming language. The Ceniprof 3.0 program was launched during the factory committee held on November 10 with professionals from the agribusiness. In this scenario, users of the tool shared their opinions regarding the evolution of Ceniprof in recent years.

On November 19, 2021 Cenicaña will offer mill professionals the first training on this tool and the mill module.


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