Ceniclima, a new app to plan agricultural work in the Cauca River Valley

The Colombian sugarcane agribusiness, through Cenicaña, presents a tool for growers in the region to rely on weather forecasts in their area of ​​influence to plan cultivation tasks and, in this way, advance in actions to reduce the risk of negative impacts derived from climate variability.

CeniClima is the new tool developed by the Colombian Sugarcane Research Center, Cenicaña, to support sugarcane growers and any other crop planted in the area of ​​influence of the Cauca River Valley and thus contribute to mitigate the impacts of climate variability on regional agriculture.

Based on the weather forecasts offered by Ceniclima and its other functionalities, users of the application will be able to plan agronomic tasks, reduce the risks associated with rainfall, and make decisions that directly impact food, health, and water management. , for example.

Ceniclima can be downloaded on mobile devices from the App Store and Google Play and through it you can have access to:

  • Daily weather forecast
  • Current weather condition and moon phase
  • 7-day weather forecast
  • Visualization of precipitation and temperature conditions
  • Climate forecast for 3 months.
  • Accumulated precipitation in the Cauca river valley.

The information is presented for seven climatic zones distributed along the Cauca river valley, which were grouped based on the homogeneous behavior of the main atmospheric variables, which define the climate in each zone. This information was collected from the 37 stations of the Automated Meteorological Network (RMA), of the sugarcane agro-industrial sector, during 28 years of records.

It is important to highlight that since 1993 the Colombian sugarcane agribusiness has recorded the meteorological history of the Cauca River Valley, from Santander de Quilichao, in Cauca, to Viterbo, in Caldas, through automatic stations operated and managed by Cenicaña. .

This network of stations is equipped with robust meteorological instruments that allow the sending of information in real time. In addition, your connection is strengthened with the LoRa Network - IoT or Internet of Things to obtain, process and display data in a more efficient and timely manner.

With CeniClimate, other productive sectors and the population in general will have access to the knowledge that has been generated from the Colombian sugarcane agribusiness about the weather conditions in the Cauca River valley, which will facilitate decision-making such as the programming of crop management tasks, for example.

Additionally, it is important to note that since 2020, agribusiness, through Cenicaña, participates in the National Agroclimatic Technical Table and the Valle del Cauca Regional Agroclimatic Technical Table and makes projections of the behavior of different meteorological variables available to other productive sectors.



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