Cenicaña supports technical update on extraction efficiency

The day included topics such as calculation of mill adjustments, concepts for the maintenance and automatic control of the tandem and technologies for cane preparation, among others.

 A total of 45 people, including operators, supervisors and maintenance personnel from the Manuelita sugar mill, participated in a technical update session on extraction efficiency in milling organized by Cenicaña, as part of the project aimed at reducing sucrose losses in bagasse in new environments with higher contents of foreign matter.

The activity took place on October 28 and 30 and November 4, during which technical concepts were reinforced in aspects related to the operation and operation of the equipment in the reception, cane preparation and milling areas. The knowledge of the different technologies for cane preparation was deepened, in the procedure for the calculation of the adjustment parameters of the tandem mills, in the identification of factors for the prevention of failures in the equipment components, in indicators performance and basic concepts of process control, among others.

Adolfo Gómez, mechanical engineer and advisor to the Cenicaña Factory Program in physical-mechanical processes; the mechanical engineer Santiago Orduz and the electronic engineer Julián De la Cruz, also from the Research Center.

This activity was scheduled due to the interest expressed by some mills in the sustainable decrease of the percentage of sucrose in bagasse. In addition to Manuelita, this update day was carried out with operation and maintenance personnel from the Central Tumaco and Pichichí mills.

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