Cenicaña supports professional updating in agribusiness factories

Some of the courses in the Sena - Asocaña agreement and activities offered by the Research Center for personnel in the sector are held at the Caña Agroindustry Training Center.

Cenicaña offered a course for staff in the areas of juice clarification and cachaça filtration at the sugar mills to update their knowledge on new technologies, performance parameters, microbiological and physicochemical losses, selection and preparation of supplies, and color and bleaching technologies, among others.

This training activity was led by professionals from Cenicaña, lasted eight hours and was attended by 18 people. Some of the tools that were presented to the training attendees were: use of mannitol as an indicator of deterioration, lime characterization methodologies and grout preparation techniques, flow, pH and temperature control strategies.

In addition to training in the technologies developed and promoted by Cenicaña for the management of sugarcane cultivation, the Research Center carries out different activities with the purpose of strengthening the skills of the personnel of the agro-industry factories.

In this sense, at the end of 2017, within the framework of the Sena-Asocaña agreement, the seminar "Control and improvement of industrial processes" was held, which lasted 32 hours and was attended by 40 people, including mill staff and professionals of Cenicaña.

This seminar included topics such as construction and interpretation of indicators, capacity, stability, focus and quality of the process; awareness of good environmental practices and statistical tools to control industrial processes.

“It is always said that what is not measured is not controlled, but if despite measuring we do not analyze, we cannot make an efficient control either. Everything they have provided us here helps us to analyze the information we collect daily and make better decisions, ”said Jaime Salazar, head of the packaging area at Ingenio Providencia.

In turn, Jorge Caicedo, shift manager at the María Luisa sugar mill, highlighted the tools offered in the training: “They have 100% applicability in production processes and open up the scene for us to look at situations with statistical tools and in a quantitative way from day to day and identify the root cause of the problems we face. ”