December 16 2020 web newsletter

The doctor. Freddy Garcés, CEO of Cenicaña, introduces the main topics developed in this newsletter.

New arrivals

Experimental plots

Incauca and Cenicaña work together on 28,8 hectares that they have converted into experimental plots. What is sought with this initiative?

Our Approach

Sustainability project

In this new stage, the Fénix program evolves hand in hand with Cenicaña. Its name changes to "Sustainability Projects".

Cane variety

POJ 2878, 100 years from its obtaining

Cenicaña joined the celebration of the Indonesian Sugar Research Institute (ISRI) and in this way recognizes the contribution of this variety in our agribusiness.

Ing. West

A new ingenuity joins our mission

The manager of the Ingenio del Occidente, Maurice Armitage, visited the Cenicaña Experimental Station, this was the message he left us on his visit.


Driven Technologies

Virtual GTT

Technology Transfer Groups

Jul-Dec 2020


Webinar Series

Memories, Jul-Dec 2020


Sweet science pills

Series: seed

In Cenicaña we continue to celebrate the Year of Plant Health #VegetableHealth # IAISV2020 #SweetSciencePills


Hydrological monitoring II

Amalia Morales, from Asobolo, and Fanny Hoyos, from Cenicaña, tell us how hydrological monitoring is progressing in the Aguaclara sub-basin, Bolo River basin.


#Tips for farmers

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Water management


Soil management


variety renewal

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