Cenicaña arrives at 40 stations in its Automated Meteorological Network

Taken from: snail.com.co

This network allows cane growers a real precision agriculture.

Modern agriculture requires accurate information to take better decisions about planting and harvesting, and fundamental part is the information on the weather forecasts.

It is the reason why for 25 years the Sugarcane Research Center of Colombia (Cenicaña) has been working with a Specialized Meteorological Network, which has already reached 40 monitoring stations, 37 on the flat areas of Valle del Cauca and the remaining three in the parts of the mountains, from where the waters arrive.

En To field, from Caracol Radio, we talked to Andres Javier Pena, Cenicaña climatologist, who explained to us the origin of this network, the way in which it has been growing throughout the five years of operation, the service it provides to the agricultural sector and the information that helps to understand climate changes.

These 40 stations, managed by Cenicaña, benefit all growers, mills and other actors in the agricultural sector, with more accurate forecasts that allow planning of agronomic management, productivity projections and preventive measures to mitigate the effects of phenomena. climatic

Listen to Al Campo, by Caracol Radio, the details of the Specialized Meteorological Network in the interview with Andres Javier Pena, from Cenicaña: