Cenicaña, in a professional update seminar on cogeneration and thermal efficiency

The course was guided by a doctor in chemical engineering and a saccharotechnical expert, linked to the Obispo Colombres Experimental Station in Argentina.

Professionals from the Cenicaña Factory Processes Program participated in the seminar 'Technological analysis of technical processes and systems in sugar-energy plants', which is carried out within the framework of a cooperation agreement between Asocaña and the Sena to improve the performance and competitiveness of the industry . The seminar was held from November 10 to 13 and had the objective of updating the professionals of the sector on good operational practices in thermal processes and systems, for which it had the participation of Dora Paz and Oscar Diez, researchers linked to the Obispo Colombres Agroindustrial Experimental Station, Tucumán, Argentina.

“The quality of the seminar is measured by the questions and answers that are produced and in this case we find a lot of information from the speakers. But in addition to receiving information, we saw proposals applicable to our environment, especially water management and energy balance calculations, "said Diego Peñaranda, industrial water treatment coordinator at the Carmelita sugar mill.

For her part, Dora Paz, head of the Engineering and Industrial Projects Section of Obispo Colombres, highlighted: “We had the opportunity to learn about models that are being used by Colombian agribusiness to design evaporation stations. We also saw very good examples of evaporation schemes with a high degree of integration, up to the fifth effect, which is what we propose: extraction of vegetable vapor of all effects for uses in the factory. It would only be necessary to integrate the issue of condensed heaters ”.

Likewise, Oscar Diez, associate researcher of the Argentine entity, highlighted Colombia's progress in sugar-energy processes: “This is the tenth time that I have come to Colombia and I can give my opinion regarding the things that have changed and the technical level has definitely accompanied the evolution of the industry. You see a lot of youth committed to the sugarcane agroindustrial sector, which is very important to make the generational change ”.

Strategies to save exhaust steam, optimization of water consumption in processes in the sugar-energy industry, impact of green milling on crystallization, loss control and monitoring of key indicators in the sugar process were some of the topics addressed in the seminar. carried out at the Cenicaña Experimental Station.