CC 01-678: a high performance alternative for semi-dry environment

Facts and figures of a variety that is 'conquering' the hearts of mills and growers.


  • Long, erect stems and natural defoliation that facilitate the harvest.
  • Its high sucrose content makes it ideal for organic crops.


  • Make timely control of weeds to avoid damage to the crop by phytotoxicity.
  • Check the Cenicaña website for information on:

“I definitely recommend the CC 01-678 variety. It is very good, neat in its development, tilts well and above all has a very high level of sucrose. If the risks and nutrition are managed well, it is a variety that does not drop below 13% in yield. In the last cut (third) I had lots with 13.2 - 13.3% compared to 12.1 - 12.2% of CC 85-92. Of course, it must be planted according to Cenicaña's recommendation so that it shows its potential ”.

Juan Carlos Osorio
Supplier of the Manuelita sugar mill, Hacienda Santa Rita.


The best way to have high productivity is to select the variety and carry out its agronomic management according to the agroecological conditions of each type.

Consult your technical assistant.

Information letter 
Year 6 / Number 2 / October 2018

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