30 apr 2020

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Cenicaña presents this newsletter in digital format to inform all its readers about the news of the Research Center and the sugarcane agribusiness in Colombia.

Online Elective Courses

Webinar Series

Mobile apps for crop monitoring, Apr 15, 2020

In this Webinar the mobile applications EOS Crop Monitoring and OneSoil are presented, with which it is possible to continuously monitor, with satellite images, a diversity of crops, including the cultivation of sugar cane; with these


For growers and mills

Disease diagnosis service

Detection of viruses and bacteria that cause diseases in sugarcane. The analyzes are carried out on samples of foliar tissue and vein from seedbeds and commercial fields. Sampling for the diagnosis of cane diseases


Sweet science pills

Sweet science pills is a dissemination initiative of the Colombian Sugar Cane Research Center (Cenicaña) with which we want to tell, in a very short and simple way, what we are doing in different lines of research. Follow us on social networks to enjoy these sweet science pills.

Do you know what conservation biological control is?

Dr JP Michaud, professor in the department of Entomology at Kansas State University, USA, explains it in this short video.