Sugar cane in Colombia

Ramos Gómez, Ó. g. | SEP 2023 | ISBN: 978-958-8449-11-1


This article analyzes the sugar industry in Colombia, especially in the Cauca Valley, its technical evolution since its origins and the way in which a sugar cane culture was shaped. In addition, it studies the participation of landowners and cultivators in the independence and the formation of republican oligarchies, their adaptation to the modernization of the national economy in the 1930th century and the intervention of the State and the associative mechanisms with which the sector faced the crisis of 1970 and which gave rise to its notable expansion. The final part of the text explores the recent performance of this activity, its strong growth in the XNUMXs and its current efforts to improve its competitiveness, environmental impact and position in world trade.

About the authors

Ramos Gómez, Ó. g.

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