Attention: heavy rains in the municipality of Florida and surrounding areas

Heavy rains occurred in the early morning of October 10 in the upper part of the municipality of Florida, Valle del Cauca

As a historic event for the region's climate, an accumulated precipitation of more than 93 mm in just 5 hours was recorded at the “Florida” Meteorological Station early today, from 2 am to 6 am. 

The "Florida" station is one of the 37 stations that make up the Automated Meteorological Network (RMA); network monitored and managed by Cenicaña.


The heavy rain has caused an increase in the level of the Frayle River and the probability of a sudden increase in the rivers that flow from the upper part of the Pradera, Florida and Miranda municipalities increases.

Due to the cloudiness present over this area of ​​the Central Cordillera and according to the meteorological models used by the Cenicaña meteorological area, a “high probability of rain” is forecast in the following hours of the day, mainly in the upper part of the municipalities Florida, Pradera and Miranda.

Rain damage, Oct 10. 2018

Rain damage, Oct 10. 2018

Rain damage, Oct 10. 2018

Municipality of Florida, Valle del Cauca.


Source: Automated Meteorological Network (RMA) of the sugarcane agroindustrial sector. Meteorology area - Cenicaña.   

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