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Publication Date: March 31, 2009

The Glossary and Thesaurus is a communication and standardization tool that describes terms used in the different specialties of the Colombian sugar agroindustry. The Glossary presents the definitions of concepts and the Thesaurus allows you to describe documents and digital objects with standard terms. It is made up of words defined and reviewed by experts on each topic. These terms are associated with each other by hierarchical, equivalent and associative relationships that help to understand the terminology of the Colombian sugar agroindustry. To search for terms, select one of the query options.

Relationships used in the thesaurus:
Use = Equivalence relation or synonym. Term not used officially (in lower case), which is synonymous with an official term or in use.
Broad or generic term (TA) = Hierarchical relationship.
Specific term (TE) = Hierarchical relationship.
Related terms or topics (TR) = Associative relationship.
Used by (Up) = Equivalence ratio or synonym. The defined term is used by another unofficial term.