An investment of more than 5 million dollars; complying with the environment, they inaugurate the PTARI at Ingenio Risaralda

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The Risaralda sugar mill inaugurated yesterday the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant, which uses state-of-the-art technology, this plant involved an investment of more than $ 17 billion pesos, with which an excellent discharge will be delivered to the rivers. quality, according to Felipe Gaviria, general manager of the Ingenio, the company within its vision of the future seeks to be a sustainable company, "we will continue to structure the path of sustainability that we have outlined since our meeting," says the manager.

El Ingenio has always been at the forefront of the circular economy reusing the same materials that other companies treat as waste, so since 2005 the ethanol plant, a renewable biofuel, came into operation, which delivers more than 25 million liters to the This in order to improve greenhouse gas emissions by almost 80% by oxygenating gasoline, for that time the investment was more than 36 billion pesos. With the distillery, they invested in a compost plant that delivers about 20,000 tons per year of the highest quality compost, where they take products from their operation and return them enriched to our soils.

In 2015 and with an approximate investment of more than 136 billion pesos, the renewable energy cogeneration project began, with which we have achieved sales to the national grid for more than 19 Mwh, "so that you can get an idea, this amount of energy can keep a city like Cartago illuminated ”, argues Gaviria.

With this process of cogenerating energy, they improve their emissions into the atmosphere, with a high-efficiency boiler that allows them to be below the allowed values, thus optimizing the environmental matrix.

How the PTARI works

Inside the plant a biochemical process is carried out where there are microorganisms that help to clean the water, first it reaches a channel where there are grids that retain large residues, in the channel the sands and fats are eliminated, then the water is elevated at the height required by means of centrifugal pumps, this is where the small microorganisms are responsible for cleaning the water by naturally removing the dirt from it, then it goes to a homogenization tank for the effluents generated in the industrial plant and the following steps, a treatment is already carried out with products necessary for the management of the tributaries.

In addition to departmental, municipal and environmental authorities such as Carder, CVC and Corpocaldas, the event was attended by members of the company's Board of Directors, union leaders such as Andi, the Pereira Chamber of Commerce, Asonorte and Azucari, which are associations that bring together sugarcane farmers and suppliers, also with Asocaña and Cenicaña, as well as clients, allies and collaborators who recognized the positive environmental impact of this project.

In addition to improving discharges thanks to this new Ptari, the company assumed the commitment to reduce water consumption for months, not in vain to date compared to 2019, the water consumption per ton of sugarcane has been reduced by 39,3 ,XNUMX%.

Although water care and large projects with renewable energy and organic fertilizers are an important part of environmental care work, it is also worth highlighting the additional actions that the more than 3000 employees of Ingenio Risaralda, integrate as part of their daily lives and love for the planet.

Source: August 21, 2021
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