Phytosanitary alert for salivazo Mahanarva bipars

Ingenio Risaralda, ICA and Cenicaña carried out joint work that confirmed the presence of the pest in municipalities of Risaralda and Caldas.

The Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) issued a phytosanitary alert for the presence of the species of spittlebug mahanarva bipars in the municipalities of Risaralda (Caldas) and Belén de Umbría (Risaralda), in the Cauca river valley, with high levels of infestation.

Given this situation, sugarcane producers and sugar mills in the Cauca river valley are requested to take into account the following preventive measures:

  • Implement direct monitoring actions to establish the level and range of infestation and type of distribution of the pest
  • Implement indirect monitoring actions with the location of sticky yellow traps.
  • Avoid the mobilization of plant material (seed) from sites reported with M. bipars.
  • Implement cleaning actions to the used machinery and control the mobilization of operators in the areas with reports of the plague.
  • Prioritize the harvest of the affected lots.

As control measures it is suggested to implement the practice of defoliation and, with the support and guidance of a technical assistant, use insecticides as long as the infestation levels are above 0.2.

Further information:

Phytosanitary alert ICA MAHAB20170908

Disclosure Series No. 10: The spittlebug of sugar cane mahanarva bipars