Administrative control of irrigation, CAR

It is the measurement of the quality of irrigation management through practical indicators such as the volume of water used (m3/ ha) and workforce performance in ha / day, among others.

The CAR is a quality management method that allows you to increase irrigation performance, reduce water consumption and reduce labor costs.

The tool for administrative control of irrigation (CAR) provides useful indicators for the management of the quality of irrigation work, based on data taken directly in the field during the work.

The main indicators are:

  • Volume of water used
  • Application efficiency
  • Irrigation operation performance
  • Administrative efficiency of the work

For the determination of the quality indicators of irrigation management

Use the tool Administrative irrigation control (CAR) developed by Cenicaña and available within the Priority Water Balance v.4.0.

  1. To use CAR, click on the route on the home page of the Priority water balance (v.4.0) and enter the program.
  2. Go to the REGISTER DATA menu and select ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROL OF IRRIGATION to enter the data requested by the tool.

Note that to enter the data it is necessary to CREATE the farm and luck, the rain gauge and the water source.