To prepare for the rainy season

Cenicaña recommends taking preventive measures to avoid excess humidity that affects cane productions

The Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies, IDEAM, announced the start of the transition from the semi-dry season from the beginning of the year to the first rainy season, in the Andean and Pacific regions, which means that April and May 2014 will have a normal rainy season behavior (Read more).

It is important that the sugarcane agroindustrial sector prepares itself to avoid excess humidity, especially in low-permeability clay soils, which may affect cane production.


Measures to manage fertilization and mechanization

In conditions of excess humidity it is recommended:

  • Ensure adequate field drainage (design and leveling).
  • Sow in the back and / or hilling high.
  • Fertilize with N in ammoniacal and nitric form, with application directed to the vine and high hilling.
  • In renovation of plantations, carry out surface tillage with harrows to later furrow. Once the crop is established, make the break using implements with rods.
  • Do not exceed the critical depth of tillage.
  • Avoid the overweight of preparation equipment and control the traffic of equipment and the loads transported in the harvest wagons.
  • Avoid excessive skidding caused by loss of traction of tractors.
  • Use high-heeled tires for harvesting equipment and cane transport.
  • Use the eccentric ditcher to build rimless ditches and do good surface drainage.
  • In extreme conditions, an alternative to renovate plantations is to carry out reduced tillage.

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