Symposium on sugarcane borers, in Cali

During the 41 Congress of the Colombian Entomology Society, which will be held in Cali, a group of international experts will present the main pest of sugarcane.

Between July 15 and 18, the 41st Congress of the Colombian Society of Entomology, Socolen, will be held in Cali, in which the symposium 'Actualidad de los borers de la cane, Diatraea spp., and its management in America '.

The Autonomous University of the West will be the setting for this event that includes eight lectures and nine symposia with specialists in different areas of Entomology.

In addition to the symposium on cane borers, different topics will be addressed such as biological control, taxonomy as a tool to discover biodiversity, ecology and biogeography of aquatic insects, urban entomology, analysis of pest problems in Colombian palm cultivation, genetically modified organisms and biosecurity, among others.

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Symposium Speakers

  • Andrea Joyce, Ph.D. Sierra Nevada Research Institute (United States).
    Relationships between host plants, stem borers (D. saccharalis) and its parasitoids (cotesia flavipes).
  • Bruno Zachrisson, Ph.D. Institute of Agricultural Research of Panama (Panama).
    Current situation and projection of the management of Diatraea spp. (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), in Panama.
  • José Francisco García, Ph.D. Global Cana.
    Management in the integrated management of Diatraea saccharalis a Brasil.
  • Luis Antonio Gomez, Ph.D. Entomologist (Colombia).
    The cane borers, Diatraea spp., in the Cauca River Valley.


Margarita Rodriguez
Technical Communicator - Cenicaña 
(57-602) 5246611 ext 5168 - 5169
Cali, Columbia.

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