June 24, 2021

Interpretation of soil and foliar analysis

Webinar Cali, Colombia. (UTC -5)

During the Webinar, we will talk about: Knowing the basic principles and processes involved in soil analysis How to interpret the results of soil and leaf tissue analysis Knowing the nutritional differences of sugarcane varieties Using leaf tissue analysis […]

Field and economic criteria for renovation. | On-line

Virtual training Cali, Colombia. (UTC -5)

  Learning objectives: At the end of the Webinar, participants will be able to: Identify the field and economic criteria that must be taken into account to support the decision to renew sugarcane cultivation. […]

Use and applications of networks in the sugarcane industry | On-line

For registrations click here Use and applications of the networks: Automated Meteorological Network (RMA) Real Time Kinematic Network (RTK) or Network for precision geographic positioning Network Internet Of Things (IoT) or Internet of things network


GTT-CA | Monitoring and maintenance of drainage and protection works

Virtual training Cali, Colombia. (UTC -5)

This event is aimed at cane growers suppliers of the Incauca Sugar Mill. During the OnLine event, we will be talking about: Drainage management in fields cultivated with sugar cane Protection works for flood prevention Go to registration page