Colombia wins venue for world sugarcane event

Colombia obtained the venue for the XXXII Congress of the International Society of Sugarcane Technicians (ISSCT) for 2025.

This was announced by Regis Goebel, president of TPC and member of the ISSCT Executive Committee, during the closing of the event that brings together the main sugarcane agro-industries in the world, which takes place in Hyderabad, India.

Agribusiness representatives, through Tecnicaña, Cenicaña and Asocaña, applied to Colombia to hold this world event in 2025, which brings together nearly 1000 international attendees.

“This Congress also coincides with the celebration of 100 years of the ISSCT, which demonstrates the relevance that the Colombian sugarcane agroindustry has worldwide. It is also a great opportunity for Colombia and Valle del Cauca from a tourism, economic and productive point of view,” said Nicolás Gil, member of the ISSCT Executive Committee and Director of the Cenicaña Factory Process Program.

The Colombian Association of Sugar Cane Technicians, Tecnicaña, will be the logistics operator for the event. "Having this world space for technical discussion and knowledge exchange around sugarcane in the country is important for research centers, academia and of course a productive sector that values ​​science and innovation towards sustainable growth," indicated Freddy Garcés, director of Cenicaña.

Parallel to this announcement, during the Congress in Hyderabad, India, the new members of the commissions that make up the Society were appointed, including six Cenicaña professionals: Freddy Fernando Garcés (Executive), Luis Fernando Chávez (Agronomy), John Jaime Riascos (Biology), Carolina Camargo (Entomology), Juan Gabriel Rodríguez (Factory) and David Palacios (Co-products).

The ISSCT is an association of scientists, technologists, managers, institutions and companies / corporations concerned with the technical advancement of the cane sugar industry and its co-products.

The Association is governed by an Executive Committee of ten members, elected every three years by the Council in which there are representatives of the different affiliated companies (26). The Executive Committee designates a Technical Program Committee that is in charge of supervising the technical activities of congresses and workshops.

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