Cenicaña received an exploratory mission from American universities

The visit was organized by the United States Embassy in Colombia in order to concretize ideas to create alliances or programs to support agriculture.

 Surprised. This was stated by the members of a group of representatives from seven universities in the United States who visited the facilities of the Cenicaña Experimental Station on May 21.

His visit was part of an exploratory mission organized by the Embassy of that country in order to concretize ideas to establish a program to support the development of Colombian agriculture.

The delegation was made up of professors and directors from Purdue, California, Washington, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas A&M universities.

For Jeff Stuart, professor of Entomology at Purdue University, the visit was an opportunity to explore possible interactions between scientists from our universities and Cenicaña, which benefit agricultural research from the two countries.

The visit, as reported by the Embassy, ​​is part of the United States' commitment to Colombia, the peace process, and support for the post-conflict situation.