Cenicaña held the Second Meeting of Training Professionals

A group of ten future professionals, who completed their internship in the Cenicaña Factory Processes Program, said goodbye to the Research Center in a day of exchanging experiences and lessons.

Laura, Juan José, Karin, Nicolás, Juan Pablo, Juan Diego, Edward, David, Diego and Eduardo were the protagonists of the Second Meeting of Training Professionals, organized by the Cenicaña Factory Processes Program.

An emotional day, full of teachings and experiences of the students in the internship in the laboratories of Cenicaña, the factories and distilleries of the sugar cane agro-industry mills and the sugar cane fields of the region. 

Future chemists, biochemists and chemical, mechanical and electronic engineers from Univalle, the National University (Bogotá and Manizales), Icesi and the University of Antioquia were part of this cohort of interns who took a space in Cenicaña to share their contributions and learning in projects of investigation that will be the input of the processes of innovation and diversification of the agro-industry.

“It was very interesting to learn about heat transfer equipment, to hear what the client wants, to support the development of a tool”; “I worked on alternative fuel projects such as the characterization of briquettes”; "I supported the characterization and establishment of physicochemical parameters between cutting and grinding of raw material quality"; “I carried out experimental validations of biomaterials from agribusiness residues”; “we made proposals for automation”; "I worked on the development of dynamic models for internal processes in factories such as a sulfite tower"...

Thus, with more details, photographs and in the midst of anecdotes, each one of the interns shared with the Cenicaña collaborators the multiple activities they carried out in the development of their internships and how these contributed to their professional training. “I valued the sense of responsibility even more because what I did as an intern is bigger than me, it is to contribute to an entire agribusiness,” highlighted Eduardo Ruiz, a chemical engineering intern.

The day was preceded by a message of thanks from the Director of the Factory Processes Program, Nicolás Gil: “Gratitude to the professionals in training who accompanied us during this period. Gratitude for having chosen us and for having given us the opportunity to be part of your professional training”.


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